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Best of the News Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Best of the News" journal:
November 20th, 2003
11:32 am


best of the news nov 20th

Driftnets Said Decimating Mediterranean Dolphins

Reuters - 2 hours, 53 minutes ago

Driftnets are killing tens of thousands of dolphins in the Mediterranean despite bans on the fishing method by the European Union and United Nations, a major environmental group said on Thursday.


SBC Offers Voice-Over-Internet Services Across U.S.

Reuters - 2 hours, 38 minutes ago

SBC Communications Inc. (SBC.N)on Thursday said it will offer voice-calling over the Internet, in a move that marks a major technological shift beyond the local phone company's traditional circuit-based networks.


Bad Radar Prompts White House Evacuation

AP - 9 minutes ago

Air Force fighter jets were scrambled and the White House was briefly evacuated on Thursday after birds or possibly disturbances in the atmosphere tripped radar that keeps watch on restricted air space around the complex.


Hey, It's Me! Send Money!

Reuters - 2 hours, 34 minutes ago

Fraudsters have tricked large sums of money out of trusting Japanese this year by phoning and pretending to be relatives in trouble, police said on Thursday.


Toyota Prius Named Best Car for 2004

AP - Thu Nov 20, 2:03 AM ET

The world's first commercially mass-produced hybrid car has claimed the honor of 2004 Car of the Year from Motor Trend magazine. The newest version of the Toyota Prius, introduced in 1997, beat out 26 new or significantly reengineered models.


U.S. Bars Mexican Onions Due to Hepatitis A Outbreak

Reuters - Wed Nov 19,10:30 PM ET

The United States has halted imports of Mexican green onions suspected of causing an outbreak of hepatitis A that has sickened more than 500 people in Pennsylvania, a Food and Drug Administration official told Reuters on Wednesday.


Parking Lot Designed for Absent-Minded Drivers

Reuters - Thu Nov 20, 8:16 AM ET

A Singapore company has a high-tech solution for absent-minded drivers who lose their cars in parking lots.


AT&T Wireless to Offer Traffic Maps, Dating

Reuters - Thu Nov 20,12:09 AM ET

AT&T Wireless Services Inc. (AWE.N) said on Thursday it has revamped its mobile Internet phone service with up-to-date traffic maps that warn drivers of congested routes and other features aimed at retaining customers.


Sun Confirms December Ship Date For Java Desktop System

TechWeb - Wed Nov 19, 8:00 PM ET

Sun Microsystems has set Friday, Dec. 12, as the target ship date for Java Desktop System--a Linux-based operating system that includes the Mozilla browser, StarOffice office productivity suite, GNOME interface and Evolution mail client.


Fishermen deliver pups from giant great white shark

AFP - Wed Nov 19, 3:05 PM ET

Two fishermen have delivered shark pups after their net caught and killed a 5.5-metre (18-foot) long great white shark, it was reported.


GM Pitches Hydrogen Cars in Oil-Thirsty China

Reuters - Tue Nov 18, 6:06 AM ET

China, guzzling petrol at a furious pace amid breakneck economic growth and car buying, should wean itself off oil by promoting vehicles powered by hydrogen, General Motors executives said on Tuesday.

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November 19th, 2003
01:23 pm


news wednesday november 19th

Man Dies After Winning Vodka-Drinking Contest

A vodka-drinking competition in a southern Russian town ended in tragedy with the winner dead and several runners-up in intensive care.


Think Tank Wants Public's Help in 'Spyware' Fight

washingtonpost.com - Tue Nov 18, 7:13 PM ET

A Washington-based technology think tank wants Internet users to join its crusade against invasive "spyware" programs that let their authors eavesdrop on people's online activities.


Aquarium Honors 65-Year-Old Fish

AP - Wed Nov 19, 9:51 AM ET

Rome may be the Eternal City, but San Francisco could be home to the eternal fish. On Tuesday, aquarium officials at the Steinhart Aquarium honored an Australian lungfish, aptly named Methuselah after the Old Testament's millenia-old character.


Colorado Studying Eliminating 12th Grade

AP - Tue Nov 18, 8:41 PM ET

High school without seniors? Colorado lawmakers have asked education officials to study the possibility of eliminating the 12th grade and establishing a year of preschool instead. They said it would better prepare students for college by giving them an early start and possibly save money.


U.S. to Test 'Mother of All Bombs' at Florida Base

Reuters - Tue Nov 18, 1:07 PM ET

The U.S. military plans this week to conduct its final developmental test on the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal, a weapon so big it is dubbed the "mother of all bombs," the Air Force said on Tuesday.


Eminem Accused of Racism

E! Online - Wed Nov 19, 1:15 AM ET

Raymond "Benzino" Scott and David Mays, founders of The Source hip-hop magazine would have you believe that he did--and that he's a bigot.


New Cellphone Offers Big Shots Eavesdrop-Proof Call

Reuters - Tue Nov 18,10:23 AM ET

A German company launched a new mobile handset on Tuesday targeted at business executives that secures lines are free from eavesdroppers, sparking criticism that it could also make criminals harder to catch.


NASA Struggling to Develop Repair Kit

NASA (news - web sites) is still struggling to develop a tool for inspecting the outside of the space shuttle and a repair kit for gashed wings — hurdles that could prolong the grounding of the fleet since the Columbia disaster.


Executives' perks bled Kmart, lawsuit says

AFP - 1 hour, 5 minutes ago

Former executives of discount retailer Kmart Corp. milked it of one billion dollars for a host of personal expenses before the company declared bankruptcy in early 2002, a lawsuit alleges


Hot Jobs for 2004

SmartMoney.com - Tue Nov 18, 3:37 PM ET

You're not alone. According to a recent Monster.com survey, 82% of Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs. While many of us merely like to complain, you can bet the competition will be fierce next year as more and more people look to improve their situations.


Russian School Tries Out Pay Toilets

AP - Tue Nov 18, 6:18 PM ET

Pay toilets are not unusual, but in school?


Defining, Designing and Defending NASA's Post-Shuttle Spacecraft

SPACE.com - Wed Nov 19,11:48 AM ET


Scientists Find New Species of Whale

AP - Wed Nov 19, 1:11 PM ET


Satellite TV: Upstart Creates Crowd

SPACE.com - Wed Nov 19,11:48 AM ET


New rules for Key West T-shirt sellers

AP - Wed Nov 19,11:31 AM ET





Biometrics Hold Key to Next Hi-Tech Revolution

Reuters - 2 hours, 49 minutes ago

The executive skips past the snaking airport check-in queue, waves a credit-card size pass at a monitor, puts a finger into a hi-tech reader and proceeds to the boarding zone thinking: "Some day, we'll all fly like this."


Japan's Seiko Epson unveils world's lightest, smallest robot helicopter

AFP - Wed Nov 19, 5:57 AM ET

Japan's top ink-jet printer maker Seiko Epson Corp. unveiled the world's lightest and smallest robot helicopter, which it hopes will be used as a "flying camera" capable of operating during natural disasters.


Face Transplants Possible But More Research Needed

Reuters - 18 minutes ago

Face transplants are technically possible and could arguably be less difficult than reattaching a severed finger, surgeons said on Wednesday, but they called for more research into the risks involved before they are attempted.


NASA Says Shuttle on Track for Launch Next Autumn

Reuters - Tue Nov 18, 6:21 PM ET

NASA is planning to put a space shuttle in orbit in the autumn of 2004, even though it has made little progress in developing an in-flight capability to repair the kind of damage that doomed Columbia, a senior official said on Tuesday.


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November 18th, 2003
10:06 am



Protesters to topple giant statue of Bush
2 hours, 1 minute ago

British demonstrators angry at anglo-American policy over Iraq said
they will topple a giant home-made statue of George W. Bush in London's
Trafalgar Square during a protest march against his three-day state

Meat Loaf Collapses on London Stage

AP -
23 minutes ago

Pop star Meat Loaf, who collapsed on stage during a concert, is being
treated for exhaustion brought on by a virus after collapsing on stage,
hospital officials said Tuesday.

Nature Body Warns of Wildlife Extinction Threat
Reuters -
Mon Nov 17, 7:37 PM ET

Colombian spider monkeys, Galapagos
snails, unique South African rabbits and one of the world's
largest freshwater fish are in stark danger of extinction, a
nature body warned on Tuesday.

Limbaugh Returns to Talk Radio, and Topic No. 1 Is

Mon Nov 17, 2:54 PM ET

Rush Limbaugh borrowed liberally from the teachings of 12-step programs
as he described his addiction to painkillers.

Louisiana Struggles to Aid Dying Coast

AP - Mon
Nov 17, 8:39 AM ET

One year after it opened with fanfare as the "world's largest
freshwater diversion," Davis Pond has only intermittently been turned
on to beat back salt water intrusion into Louisiana's dying coast.

Junk food super-sizing Europeans
1 hour, 18 minutes ago

Every day, rain or shine, Luisa Bornia and her family gather from all
corners of this ancient hilltop town for pranzo, the traditional midday
Italian meal. Over homemade pasta, vegetables and wine, they hash out
the latest issues, then leisurely chat while peeling apples and peaches
for dessert.

Agency Says Cancer Plagues Appalachians

AP -
1 hour, 30 minutes ago

Residents of Ohio's Appalachian counties suffer more from lung, colon
and cervical cancers than those who live elsewhere in the state,
according to the American Cancer Society and the Ohio Department of

Intellectual Pursuits Keep Middle-Aged Mind Sharp
Reuters -
Mon Nov 17,11:16 PM ET

Participating in intellectually
challenging leisure-time activities such as reading or taking
evening courses appears to improve the middle-aged mind, new
research suggests.

Cassini Snaps Best Jupiter Image Ever
SPACE.com -
Fri Nov 14, 2:44 PM ET

When the Cassini spacecraft finally gets to Saturn next year, it will
have some big shoes to fill -- its own. The robotic probe has snapped
what's being billed as the best picture ever of Jupiter.

Moon Seen as Astronomical Outpost
SPACE.com -
Mon Nov 17, 4:46 PM ET

The barren Moon could become an astronomer's paradise, an ideal spot
for telescopes and other devices to scope out the heavens as never

Students' interest in overseas study still rising
1 hour, 18 minutes ago

The number of U.S. college students receiving credit for study abroad
increased to a record 160,920 in the 2001-02 academic year but still
amounts to barely more than 1% of the nation's 13 million full- or
part-time undergraduates, a pair of reports say.

U.S. must catch Saddam - and soon, Clark says
Mon Nov 17, 6:50 AM ET

Retired general Wesley Clark warned Sunday that the failure to capture
Saddam Hussein was likely to undermine any new Iraqi government. And he
said it was important to capture Saddam alive so he could be tried for
war crimes

Scientists create a virus that

It is the stuff of
science fiction and bioethical debates: The creation
of artificial life. Up until now, it's largely been just that.
But an important technical bridge towards
the creation of such life was crossed Thursday when genomics pioneer
Craig Venter announced that his research group created an artificial
virus based on a real one in just two weeks' time.

Rich Nations Flunk Test on
Educating Poor-Report

The Netherlands is top of the class
and the United States third from last among rich nations that
help educate the world's poor, a report by an alliance of
development agencies found.T
report, released on Tuesday by the Global Campaign for
Education, an international coalition of development agencies,
teachers' unions and community groups, looked at 22 rich
countries and how much of their aid budgets go toward boosting
education in developing countries.

Fewer workers make use of 401(k)s
Mon Nov 17, 6:41 AM ET

More U.S. workers are jeopardizing their retirement futures by
abandoning 401(k) plans and raiding retirement savings when they switch

Feathers ruffled as pigeon feeding banned from famous
London square

AFP - Tue
Nov 18, 5:48 AM ET

As a pastime it has thrilled Britons and tourists for more than a
century but feeding pigeons in London's famous Trafalgar Square is now
illegal -- a move that has angered bird lovers but delighted the
capital's controversial mayor.

Soaps Save Lives in Third World, Producers Say
Reuters -
1 hour, 37 minutes ago

If you thought soaps were just
about sultry sex and incredible plot twists, then think again.

in Topless Tabloid

After coming to office with a vow to restore dignity to the White
House, the president yesterday took a brief sabbatical from that
effort: He granted an exclusive interview to a British tabloid that
features daily photographs of nude women and articles akin to those
found in our own National Enquirer.

7, is charged with a sex crime in touching case

The Morris County(New Jersey) Prosecutor's Office has charged a
7-year-old Kinnelon
boy with molesting a 5-year-old girl in an incident the defense
attorney likened to children playing doctor. "It's preposterous,"
attorney Larry Goodman said. "He wants to dig in
the yard and play hockey. He doesn't even know what a sex act is."


Surgeons Remove Chopstick From Man's Face

AP - Mon
Nov 17, 4:21 PM ET

Malaysian surgeons treating a man for an eye infection said they were
surprised to find part of a chopstick embedded in his face — the result
of an assault five years ago.

Court to Hear Case of Dogs' Tails

AP -
2 hours, 8 minutes ago

New York's top court will tackle the tale — and the tail — of a
purebred dog and whether the pooch is being discriminated against by
hidebound and cruel dog show standards.

Man Building Gothic Ice Hotel in Alaska

AP - Mon
Nov 17, 5:08 PM ET

A honeymoon on ice might seem a little frigid. Alaskan resort owner
Bernie Karl figures his Aurora Ice Hotel, a 30-foot-high Gothic palace
near Fairbanks, will be a hot tourist destination.


The Electronic Help

Home robots were the jet-pack future's sweetest lie: personal
working tirelessly and without complaint -- companions, servants and
pets. They would be nimble and able, and computers would be blinking
omniscient behemoths.

Consumer Electronics Come to

The focus of this
year's Comdex trade show here may be on businesses, but several
companies are showing
new products for consumers. At the Digital Focus/Mobile Focus media
event, which took place on the eve of the show, companies from Sony to
Iomega previewed new devices for work and play.

China to Promote Own Alternative to DVDs

AP -
1 minute ago

Looking to compete on its own terms in the lucrative entertainment
industry, China announced a government-funded project Tuesday to
promote an alternative to DVDs and "attack the market share" of the
increasingly global video format.

Great Phone Games
Ziff Davis -
Thu Nov 13, 5:07 AM ET

What to Buy: Great games for your phone.

Microsoft Readies Music Service
PC World -
39 minutes ago

Software giant plans to launch a download service next year.

Australians escape jail in country's first online
music piracy case

AFP - Tue
Nov 18, 2:22 AM ET

Two Australian men who ran a music website from their parents' homes
escaped jail Tuesday in what the recording industry described as the
country's first criminal prosecution for online music piracy.

The New Linux Superpower
NewsFactor -
Fri Nov 14, 3:29 PM ET

Novell (Nasdaq: NOVL) was a dying company with its networking products
in sharp decline for nearly a decade. But six months ago it pulled
itself together and made a successful play for Ximian, the top Linux
desktop company. Last week, it upped the ante and went after SuSE, a
top enterprise-Linux vendor.

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November 17th, 2003
03:02 pm


News For November 17th
I find so many interesting stories on the net day to day that I thought it'd be good to share them, please comment and tell me what you think and how I can improve it, especially the format. I highly suggest you use tabbed browsing for this and just middle clicking to load the stories you find interesting which will load them in another page. then reading them one by one, this is how I do it, this method works extremely well.


The Wal-Mart You Don't Know
The giant retailer's low prices often come with a high cost. Wal-Mart's relentless pressure can crush the companies it does business with and force them to send jobs overseas. Are we shopping our way straight to the unemployment line?

Wal-Mart, the world's largest retailer, has told the music industry it expects to unveil an online music store this month

Sprint Brings TV to Cell Phones
Sprint PCS on Thursday launched MobiTV, which, for a $9.95 subscription fee, will provide real-time programs from ABC, CNBC, MSNBC, Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel to users of the cell-phone service. Since only two frames are transmitted per second (versus the TV rate of 30 frames per second), video reception is jerky, although audio plays uninterrupted (except for reception lapses). Several wireless phone manufacturers are planning to release cell-phone handsets that will include a tuner that can receive transmissions from local stations over the broadcast airwaves.
lots more news hereCollapse )

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