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news wednesday november 19th - Best of the News
November 19th, 2003
01:23 pm


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news wednesday november 19th

Man Dies After Winning Vodka-Drinking Contest

A vodka-drinking competition in a southern Russian town ended in tragedy with the winner dead and several runners-up in intensive care.


Think Tank Wants Public's Help in 'Spyware' Fight

washingtonpost.com - Tue Nov 18, 7:13 PM ET

A Washington-based technology think tank wants Internet users to join its crusade against invasive "spyware" programs that let their authors eavesdrop on people's online activities.


Aquarium Honors 65-Year-Old Fish

AP - Wed Nov 19, 9:51 AM ET

Rome may be the Eternal City, but San Francisco could be home to the eternal fish. On Tuesday, aquarium officials at the Steinhart Aquarium honored an Australian lungfish, aptly named Methuselah after the Old Testament's millenia-old character.


Colorado Studying Eliminating 12th Grade

AP - Tue Nov 18, 8:41 PM ET

High school without seniors? Colorado lawmakers have asked education officials to study the possibility of eliminating the 12th grade and establishing a year of preschool instead. They said it would better prepare students for college by giving them an early start and possibly save money.


U.S. to Test 'Mother of All Bombs' at Florida Base

Reuters - Tue Nov 18, 1:07 PM ET

The U.S. military plans this week to conduct its final developmental test on the most powerful non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal, a weapon so big it is dubbed the "mother of all bombs," the Air Force said on Tuesday.


Eminem Accused of Racism

E! Online - Wed Nov 19, 1:15 AM ET

Raymond "Benzino" Scott and David Mays, founders of The Source hip-hop magazine would have you believe that he did--and that he's a bigot.


New Cellphone Offers Big Shots Eavesdrop-Proof Call

Reuters - Tue Nov 18,10:23 AM ET

A German company launched a new mobile handset on Tuesday targeted at business executives that secures lines are free from eavesdroppers, sparking criticism that it could also make criminals harder to catch.


NASA Struggling to Develop Repair Kit

NASA (news - web sites) is still struggling to develop a tool for inspecting the outside of the space shuttle and a repair kit for gashed wings — hurdles that could prolong the grounding of the fleet since the Columbia disaster.


Executives' perks bled Kmart, lawsuit says

AFP - 1 hour, 5 minutes ago

Former executives of discount retailer Kmart Corp. milked it of one billion dollars for a host of personal expenses before the company declared bankruptcy in early 2002, a lawsuit alleges


Hot Jobs for 2004

SmartMoney.com - Tue Nov 18, 3:37 PM ET

You're not alone. According to a recent Monster.com survey, 82% of Americans are dissatisfied with their jobs. While many of us merely like to complain, you can bet the competition will be fierce next year as more and more people look to improve their situations.


Russian School Tries Out Pay Toilets

AP - Tue Nov 18, 6:18 PM ET

Pay toilets are not unusual, but in school?


Defining, Designing and Defending NASA's Post-Shuttle Spacecraft

SPACE.com - Wed Nov 19,11:48 AM ET


Scientists Find New Species of Whale

AP - Wed Nov 19, 1:11 PM ET


Satellite TV: Upstart Creates Crowd

SPACE.com - Wed Nov 19,11:48 AM ET


New rules for Key West T-shirt sellers

AP - Wed Nov 19,11:31 AM ET





Biometrics Hold Key to Next Hi-Tech Revolution

Reuters - 2 hours, 49 minutes ago

The executive skips past the snaking airport check-in queue, waves a credit-card size pass at a monitor, puts a finger into a hi-tech reader and proceeds to the boarding zone thinking: "Some day, we'll all fly like this."


Japan's Seiko Epson unveils world's lightest, smallest robot helicopter

AFP - Wed Nov 19, 5:57 AM ET

Japan's top ink-jet printer maker Seiko Epson Corp. unveiled the world's lightest and smallest robot helicopter, which it hopes will be used as a "flying camera" capable of operating during natural disasters.


Face Transplants Possible But More Research Needed

Reuters - 18 minutes ago

Face transplants are technically possible and could arguably be less difficult than reattaching a severed finger, surgeons said on Wednesday, but they called for more research into the risks involved before they are attempted.


NASA Says Shuttle on Track for Launch Next Autumn

Reuters - Tue Nov 18, 6:21 PM ET

NASA is planning to put a space shuttle in orbit in the autumn of 2004, even though it has made little progress in developing an in-flight capability to repair the kind of damage that doomed Columbia, a senior official said on Tuesday.


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